Casablanca. Rabat. Fez. Marrakech. Essaouria
Casablanca. Rabat. Fez. Marrakech. Essaouria


I was anxious to travel again after my trip through Cuba. Years passed and my preconscious swam towards Cadiz, Spain, where for the first time the waves of the mediterranean took me to the coast of Morocco.

After losing jobs, relationships, fears, losing time, days and nights; I decided to go to that place, where my mind took me to the nights of cigarettes, beer, and the dividing line of the sea.

“Nude visual with personal and cultural boomerang effect”

Black and white translated anecdotes that germinate in more than one town. Images described in women's bodies completely turned by sensuality. You feel the sea and hear its waves, you see the grayness of history, the difference between the wetness of the sand and the floor and the pain of repressed animals. Visual orgasm without a doubt!

-Julia Viesca

Orlando Sanchez Lugo

Art was a watershed in Orlando’s life. It helped him realize his knack for shaping his thoughts into works of art, thus he picked up his ideas, and hasn’t let them go ever since. To him, there is no better way to express himself, than putting his thoughts into his work. Orlando lives by a simple ‘less is more’ philosophy, so he tells his stories as concisely as they can be told; while simultaneously, gripping his audience by the necks with his dexterity style.

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